ADS Security Installs Smoke Alarms with the American Red Cross

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ADS Security Employees Install Smoke Alarms with the American Red Cross

Is your home safe from a fire? The National Fire Protection Association states that almost 3 out of every 5 home fire deaths are due to homes not having smoke alarms. In many homes, either the smoke alarms haven’t been installed properly or the batteries haven’t been tested in months (maybe even years), which means there will be no alert when a fire starts.  

Through the American Red Cross’ Sound the Alarm, a program with a mission to end home fire deaths, volunteers across the country install free smoke detectors for families in need. At ADS Security, we believe in protecting the communities we serve 24/7. As a result, across our 25 local branches, we volunteer to install free smoke alarms to those in need. In addition to the installation of free smoke alarms, our volunteers teach residents about the importance of fire safety and create a fire escape plan with each homeowner. 

Watch the ADS Security team in action during Sound the Alarm and learn more about our partnership with the American Red Cross. 


How to Create a Fire Escape Plan   

Fires spread quickly. In many cases, there isn’t much time to escape a burning home (maybe 1 to 2 minutes). When creating a fire escape plan, sit down with everyone living in your home and make a list of all possible exits and emergency escape routes. Once you’ve drawn up a floor plan and mapped out the two easiest ways to escape, choose a meeting place like a mailbox or stop sign. Mark it as the designated spot to go in the event of a fire. Be sure to practice the escape plan twice a year and make sure the drill is taken seriously.  

Tips for Installing a Smoke Alarm  

If installing smoke alarms without professional help, be sure to place one in every bedroom, outside of each bedroom, and on every level of the home. After you’ve screwed them into the ceiling or wall, test the alarm once a month and replace the batteries every year. Doing this will better prepare your home and family for a fire emergency. 

Fire Protection with ADS Security  

When it comes to fire protection, ADS Security professionals will put your mind at ease. Many people don’t know the difference between a monitored smoke alarm and a regular one. Do you?  

A regular working smoke alarm only alerts people inside the home that there is a fire. If you’re away from your home when flames ignite, there will be nothing that immediately alerts you. That’s not the case with a professionally installed and monitored smoke alarm. Since the smoke alarm is monitored 24/7, the second it goes off, you will be notified about the fire whether you are home or not. The fire department will be immediately dispatched, and you can keep your family, pets, and belongings safe. Learn more about protecting your home from fire and carbon monoxide by visiting our fire safety page 

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