Test Your Alarm System
9 December 2014

Test Your Alarm System

Test Your Alarm System
ADS recommends monthly testing of your system to make sure it is communicating properly with the ADS Monitoring Center.

Follow these simple steps to accurately test your system. Be prepared to provide your false alarm ID/passcode/password to put your system on test.

1. Call the Monitoring Center at 1.800.866.6486 and advise them that you would like to test your system. They will assist you in placing your system in test mode.

2. Once your system is placed in test mode, arm your system and trigger an alarm. Allow siren to sound for 60 seconds then disarm your system.

3. Call the Monitoring Center back at 1.800.866.6486. Provide your name and passcode and ask for the results of your test.

For any questions, please call the Monitoring Center at 1.800.866.6486 or Customer Care at 1.866.837.8110.