Spring Cleaning Safety Tips
9 December 2014

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

Warm weather has finally arrived and it’s time to get outside and prepare your yard for the summer months ahead. There is no better time to take a look around the exterior of your property and evaluate how well you are protected. Making just a few, simple, low-cost adjustments can help increase security and keep you and your property protected.

  • When trimming the greenery around your property, keep in mind that shrubs provide ideal hiding places, especially ones that are adjacent to doors or in front of windows.
  • If planting new shrubs, choose thorny, prickly types such as rose bushes or holly and trim existing bushes 3-feet from the ground to keep intruders from hiding in them.
  • Laying small stones in the beds around your plants and shrubs provides a natural alert to intruders because of the noise they make if stepped on.
  • Prune any lower tree branches that may provide access to a second story window at least 7-feet from the ground.Check all entrances and make sure each door is secured with at least one bright light. Lights should be installed at least 8-feet above the ground to protect them against tampering.
  • Consider setting your lights on a timer or choose motion activated lights which turn on when someone or something moves around the exterior of your property. These lights will not only make entering and exiting at night safer, but will also deter intruders who look for access from a dimly lit area.
  • If you do not own a security system, consider having one installed. According to the National Burglar and Fire Association, properties without a monitored security system are three times more likely to be robbed.1
  • If you already own a security system, call your alarm company and have them replace your broken or faded yard sign and window stickers, which signal that the security system may be out of date or inactive.Keeping these items fresh will provide you with a great first line of defense against burglars on the prowl. 

So, get outside and follow these simple steps to protect your property this spring.

1National Burglar and Fire Association (2009). Security System Facts. www.alarm.org.