False Alarm & Dispatch Prevention
9 December 2014

False Alarm & Dispatch Prevention

False Alarm & Dispatch Prevention

A false dispatch is a security system false alarm due to user error, poor system maintenance or an unknown cause, resulting in local authority response.

What are the Effects of False Dispatches?

  • They overload local law enforcement and divert valuable resources from real emergencies.
  • They are a nuisance to your neighbors and desensitize them to alarms and actual incidents of crime.
  • They can cost you money – many jurisdictions impose costly fines for excessive false alarms.
  • They make you reluctant to use your alarm system for fear of setting off a false alarm.

How Can You Help?

  • Educate everyone who uses your alarm system on correct use of the system and how to properly cancel a false alarm. 
  • Make sure all of your alarm system users are equipped with the appropriate passcode.
  • Test your system regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. Call the ADS Monitoring Center at 1.800.866.6486 to conduct a system test.
  • Service and maintain your system (including batteries) regularly. Talk to an ADS Representative to learn about our affordable Service Agreements.
  • Update your contact information with ADS annually.
  • Pet owners – choose a system with pet immune motion detectors so that your pets do not accidentally trip the alarm system.

How is ADS Helping?

ADS practices Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) in an effort to reduce false dispatches. When an alarm is received, ADS will first call your premise number and ask for your passcode. If there is no answer, ADS will call your first emergency contact prior to dispatching emergency response. Please note, ECV does not affect our response to hold-up, panic or fire alarms.

Always Notify ADS Prior to:

  • Testing your system
  • Remodeling (sanding, painting, changing doors or windows)
  • Changing phone systems/phone numbers
  • Selling your home
  • Changing alarm batteries
  • Fumigating
  • Becoming a pet owner

How to Properly Correct a False Alarm:

  1. - Do not panic – there is time to correct your error.
  2. - Reset your system. Keep your ADS Alarm System User Manual nearby for detailed instructions.
  3. - Do no leave the premises until speaking with an ADS Monitoring Center Operator.  If you do not receive a phone call from ADS immediately, call 1.800.866.6486 and have your passcode ready.

Updating Your Account

Help us reduce false dispatches by updating your emergency contacts.  Email the Data Entry Department at data@adssecurity.com or call 1.800.787.5715 to make changes to your information.Click the link below to download our False Alarm & Dispatch Prevention brochure.


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