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    In Our Elite, Private Monitoring Center

      At the heart of each ADS Real Story is our Five Diamond certified monitoring center located in Nashville, Tennessee. Staffed 24/7/365, each and every alarm signal, panic button, or fire alarm is responded to by our highly trained operators who have all achieved the highest level of training available in our industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities are UL-listed, and are one of the only 200 companies in the US that have been awarded the Five Diamond distinction by The Monitoring Association. You can be rest assured that when an alarm event does happen, ADS has your back. 

      4th of July Drive-By Shooting

        Like most people, ADS customer, Jonathan K., never thought he would need his security system. He had a system for the added peace of mind, but was skeptical that anything bad would ever happen to him or his home. That all changed on July 4th, 2017.

        In the early morning hours, a car drove through Jonathan's neighborhood and started firing high caliber bullets at his house. His house was hit six times with one bullet shooting straight into his living room.

        Luckily, Jonathan wasn't home at the time. However, his security system immediately sprang into action. His security camera caught the whole thing on video, his glass break detector triggered an alarm, and Jonathan was immediately notified of the alarm. While Jonathan was being notified, ADS Security dispatched police who, within minutes, were on the scene investigating the shooting.

        Without a professionally monitored security system, police wouldn't have been notified so quickly and Jonathan would have come home days later with bullet holes in his home and no explanation as to how or why.

        It Took Only 5 Minutes for Buddy to Turn On the Stove and Start a Fire

          Mary Lou left her house and received a call 5 minutes later. It was ADS notifying her that her smoke alarm was going off and the Fire Department was on their way. She thought for sure it was a false alarm but turned around anyway.

          When she got home her house was filled with smoke and her dog, Buddy, was missing. Watch the video to hear her tell the story.

          Church's Chicken - Auburn, Alabama

            As employees were closing up for the evening at Church's Chicken in Auburn, AL, an armed intruder entered through an unlocked back door. ADS Security cameras captured the footage of the robber demanding cash from the registers as employees tried to escape through the back door. The police were able to identify a suspect using this video footage and are continuing to use it as part of their ongoing investigation into the robbery.


            Foodshop BP - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

              In this video, our ADS Monitoring Center operators were able to utilize a new technology called Video Verification to confirm that the alarm event was in fact a burglary. Video Verification enables our operators to view video clips in real time to establish if an alarm is a real emergency or a false alarm. In this instance, Dan (our Monitoring Center Manager), can see two figures breaking the front glass and going towards the register at the Foodshop BP in Myrtle Beach. Once 911 dispatches, they are able to tell their officers that based on video, the suspects appear to have fled the scene. Foodstop BP managers later showed their employees this footage and the employees recognized the suspects in the video as two men who had previously been loitering around that location and other BP locations. The police were then able to make an arrest of the suspects near another BP location.  

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