ADS Security Adds Automated Water Valves to their Suite of Home Services

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    28 April 2015

    ADS Security Adds Automated Water Valves to their Suite of Home Services

    Automated water valves minimize water damage, the costliest of insurance claims. 

    ADS Security, a regional electronic security company based in Nashville, Tenn., announces the addition of automated water valves to its robust suite of ADS Aniware® automation solutions in its 25th year of business. The revolutionary device, which can be integrated with a smart security system or act as a stand-alone service, allows a water system in a home or business to be automatically shut off using a smartphone, tablet or computer when a leak is detected by integrated sensors.    

    Water damage is one of the costliest and most common of all insurance claims and this solution allows users to detect and resolve leaks quickly and easily. The device can also be programmed into scenes that allow customized automatic water shut-off schedules that fit the needs of the user.  

    “I am especially excited about the release of our new automated water valve as I had the first test device installed in my own home,” said ADS President John Cerasuolo. “Within a few months of installing the valve it saved me from disaster while on vacation when a pipe burst.” 

    Water automation is only the latest addition to the ADS Aniware® Automation suite, which saves homes and business owners time, money and energy by allowing them to secure and manage their home or businesses remotely. The ADS Aniware® mobile app is available for download on an iPhone®, Android®, or Blackberry® device, and can also be accessed on a tablet or computer.  

    ADS Aniware® Automation features include: 
    • Arming and disarming the system 
    • Turning lights on or off  
    • Locking and unlocking doors 
    • Adjusting the thermostat 
    • Turning small appliances on or off 
    • And now, shutting water valves on or off


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