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    Temperature Sensors for Business

      Protect your temperature-sensitive assets with sensors that detect significant changes and notify you quickly.

      The right temperature at the right time is vital for many businesses in many industries. When the temperature rises or falls below a certain threshold, it can serve as the perfect invitation for disaster – particularly for businesses whose livelihood depends on the proper temperature, such as those in the food, healthcare, or technology industries.

      High Low Temperature Monitoring

      When temperature matters, it’s time to call ADS Security. Our intelligent temperature monitoring systems can be installed in places where fluctuations occur, such as near windows or doors, or where faulty electrical or HVAC systems can cause temperatures to rise unexpectedly. By installing temperature monitoring systems near items that need to stay cool, such as refrigeration units, you can feel confident that ADS is continually monitoring the temperature, even when you can’t be there.







      Vital for Today’s Businesses

      If your business depends on maintaining a constant temperature in different areas, our intelligent sensors can make a difference. Poorly configured or inferior monitoring systems can cause irreparable damage to your products, your business, and the trust of your customers. Company downtime, spoilage, or contamination of instruments can all be caused by sudden and unintended temperature fluctuations. By taking steps to protect your business, you’re investing in the security and confidence of your customers and employees that the right temperature is being maintained at all times.

      Professional Installation

      ADS Security will do a free, no obligation temperature monitoring assessment for your business. We’ll conduct a thorough walk through of the premises and help you pinpoint spots where temperature fluctuations could cause issues. We can then discuss the high low temperature monitoring solutions that are right for your business. You can depend on us for professional installation and setup of your new temperature monitoring system, plus helpful, friendly support to get your new system up and running quickly.

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