Win April Fools' Day with your Smart Security System

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    Win April Fools’ Day with your Smart Security System

    Win April Fools’ Day with your Smart Security System
    • 31 March 2016
    • Author: Brian McGuire
    • Number of views: 2043

    Your didn't get a security system for fun. Your security system is meant to protect the things you value most in this world. However, we've figured out a few ways you can use some of your security system's more advanced features to have a little bit of fun this April Fools' Day and still be secure. Here are a few ways I've used the security systems in my home and workplace to trick my family and co-workers. 

    1. Plug in a computer monitor to a z-wave appliance module (like a lamp module), and use your phone app to turn the monitor on and off while someone is trying to use it. (Trust me on this one, they get SO FRUSTRATED!)

    2. Kids home alone after school? Plug the TV into a z-wave appliance module and use your phone to turn the TV on and off at random.

    3. Put a door contact on a candy drawer and set the panel to announce "Exercise, Exercise" every time the candy drawer is opened. (I did this to a co-worker. It was a hit around the office.)

    4. Set motion sensors in the house to turn lights on or off every time you walk in front of them. This can be done by logging-in.

    5. Set the garage door to open and close at random. (Make sure to turn this setting off before leaving home!)

    I've shared a few of my ideas, but I'm sure you can come up with some creative ways to use the smart technologies your systems provide to have a little bit of fun this April Fools' Day. 

    Be sure to share your best prank ideas below!

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    Brian McGuire

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