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    Why You Need To Have Home Security Cameras On Your Baby Registry

    Why You Need To Have Home Security Cameras On Your Baby Registry
    • 27 March 2018
    • Author: Lauren Conger
    • Number of views: 3998

    You’ve spent the past several months preparing for the arrival of your new bundle of joy. From buying the highest-rated gadgets and accessories, to transforming your spare bedroom into a Pinterest-inspired nursery - you have checked off every item on your new-mom must-have list.

    Well - almost every item. If a home security camera was not included on your parental planning checklist, it’s time to face a few important facts.

    Why Consider Home Security Cameras?

    In its latest Crime in the United States report, the FBI found that 7.9 million property crimes took place nationwide in 2016 - including home invasions, larceny, and car theft. As startling as this number is, it’s important to realize that residential danger is not always caused by ill-intended thieves. Safe Kids Worldwide- a global non-profit dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries - recently reported that 10,000 daily pediatric ER visits occur in the United States due to at-home injuries.

    Advanced technology and systems tailored to wireless in-home security solutions makes securing your home and loved ones easier - and more affordable - than ever before. 

    What New Parents Should Look For

    Your recent promotion to “Parent” has changed every aspect of your life. From how you think, to how you act, to how you approach the start of each new day. As you shop for a home security camera, there are certain aspects to consider that may not have previously been on your radar.

    1. Silent Doorbells: Getting your infant to fall asleep (and stay asleep) has become a bit of an Olympic sport. Having someone ring the doorbell as soon as you complete this seemingly impossible task is not what you need. Home security cameras designed for front-door installation offer the perfect solution - doorbell silencers. Rather than a loud ring echoing through your home, you can have the system send a quiet alert to your smartphone to let you know when someone has arrived. 

    2. Exterior Motion Detection and Video: Whether you are bathing, feeding, burping, diapering, or clothing baby when the doorbell rings (or in this case, buzzes), the last thing you need to do is pause your task to tell a salesman that you really aren’t interested. Front-door cameras with motion detection will alert you when someone approaches your home with a live video feed of your front porch. If the visitor happens to be someone you are expecting (or want to invite in), you can use the intercom feature to let them know you will be there shortly.

    3. In-Home Surveillance: Archaic nanny cams and baby monitors have nothing on the crisp video and audio quality of today’s in-home surveillance cameras. By connecting these small wall-mounted units to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can launch the system’s app on your smartphone and easily keep an eye on things. Whether you are escaping for a well-deserved night out, or need to leave baby in her nursery so you can tend to the mounting pile of dishes in the kitchen sink - complete assurance is always at your fingertips. By opting for an in-home surveillance camera in lieu of a baby monitor, you can relocate the unit to a different room in your house once your child outgrows it. 

    Home security cameras can help keep your baby safe, your home secure, and your peace of mind as a new mom intact. To learn more about safe-proofing your home, visit the Safe Kids Worldwide website today.

    Lauren Conger

    Lauren Conger

    Lauren is the Associate Marketing Manager at ADS. She loves her job because she can be creative and work alongside wonderful people. She always appreciates awesome alliterations and dad jokes. Lauren loves Nebraska Football, traveling, chili cheese fries, and her dog Ginger.

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