What You Need to Know About Church Safety

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    What You Need to Know About Church Safety

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    What You Need to Know About Church Safety
    • 29 November 2017
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    The question of church safety was brought to me by a reader. Kudos to that citizen. During my time as a Community Coordinator with the Metro Nashville Police Department, I gave many talks on this topic. 

    When we attend church to worship and pray we should feel safe. Dallas Drake, a criminologist at the Center for Homicide research says "It is very safe to go to church on Sunday. There are very few incidents but they are high-profile when they occur." In fact, your odds of being in a church service when a shooting occurs is 1 in 6,552,000.

    There are things you can do to be better prepared in the event of a tragic incident. Listed below are some recommended initiatives that can minimize or possibly prevent the act of violence from happening altogether.

    For Church Administrators: 

     1. Form safety teams.

    • Parking lot security team:  Have someone assigned to scan the parking lot every 15 minutes during service. Call the local police if suspicious activity or persons are spotted.
    • Always have a greeter(s) posted at the interior enhance of the church after service has begun. Make sure no one wanders in without being seen or noticed. 

    2.  If your church has a security and/or camera system, please ensure that it operates properly and is being used. 

     3.  Your security team can consist of members from your congregation. 

    • Very important: Some safety training is absolutely necessary.
    • All members of the security team, including the pastor/minister and greeters should have communication capability with each other.

     4.  Your security team and church administrators must meet periodically to assess and update safety measures.  


    For Church Members:

    1.  Never leave valuables in your vehicle while it's parked in the church parking lot.

    2.  Report suspicious activity to ushers or members of the security team.

    3. Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

    For additional information, read Cop Connie's Blog about Staying Safe in Public Places.


    If you have any other concerns you'd like me to speak to, feel free to to ask. 

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    Cop Connie

    Connie Mack Tripp is a retired Metro Nashville Police officer who served in many capacities including Patrol, Homicide Detective, Community Coordinator, Police Academy Instructor and Recruiting Coordinator. Now that he's retired, Connie enjoys traveling the world with his Fiancee and Daughter.

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    1 comments on article "What You Need to Know About Church Safety"

    Stephanie Daniels

    12/10/2017 6:23 AM

    Thank you for this relevant information on church safety. Our congregation has been concerned of late about church safety in light of the recent reports on attacks on church services. We also suffered a break in, which is probably not uncommon at this time of the year as criminals regard the church as an easy target. We need to be vigilant and aware or our surroundings, even in or worship services. Its unfortunate but necessary.

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