Water Sensors Saved My Parents Costly Damage at Home

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    Water Sensors Saved My Parents Costly Damage at Home

    Water Sensors Saved My Parents Costly Damage at Home
    • 22 May 2015
    • Author: Jenny Frey
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    My parents live in a home that seems to always need repair. They have had serious home repairs in the past caused by a leaking refrigerator or plumbing problem in the bathroom. My parents have spent thousands of dollars replacing warped floors and damaged walls. I suggested they install water detectors beside every appliance that uses water and every sink that may leak. In total, they had 11 water detectors installed in their home on Monday, March 30th, 2015.

    Two days later they were home and the siren went off. The washing machine had just broken and water was flowing onto the floor. They turned off the water valve at the same time ADS Security called their cell phone to let them know a water leak had been detected. My parents were so impressed with how well the water detector worked and how fast ADS called. My father said that this one sensor saved them a huge problem, dealing with repairmen, wet carpets, potential mold and an insurance claim. He went on to say that “what he saved by knowing there was a water leak paid for the investment of the entire security system.”

    The timing could not have been better and I can’t wait to tell everyone how well these water detectors work.

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    Jenny Frey

    Jenny Frey

    Jenny is a Life Safety Consultant at ADS. She is passionate about protecting pets and families - which makes her a perfect fit for ADS. When she's not busy working she enjoys gardening on her seven acre farm with her rescue dog Charlie.

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