Protecting Pets with Life Safety Features

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    Protecting Pets with Life Safety Features

    Protecting Pets with Life Safety Features

    To know me is to know that I am an animal lover. But I can honestly say (with a fair amount of guilt) that before I started my job at ADS it never crossed my mind to consider my pets when deciding how to protect my home from fire or carbon monoxide (CO).

    As an adult, I have always made sure that the place I called home was at least armed with working smoke and CO detectors, but never thought twice about whether I needed monitored fire and CO systems because as long as I’m home I can call for help! And if I’m not home, well, then surely a neighbor will call the fire department.

    This all changed when I started working at ADS. I learned the speed at which fire spreads and how rapidly you can be rendered unconscious from CO poisoning. I started thinking about my dogs and wondered how they might be affected by these dangers. If my fire or CO detectors were not being monitored and I wasn’t there, my dogs would have no way to call for help. So, then who would call for help? The answer is sadly, most likely no one.

    In an era where DIY alarm systems with self-monitored life safety devices are becoming more common, I urge you to think beyond convenience when it comes to risks like fire and CO. Choosing professionally monitored systems means you are providing a call for help not only for yourself, but for your pets when you are away. As soon as smoke, heat or CO is detected, systems automatically send a signal to a monitoring center that will quickly dispatch emergency services to your home. I also urge you to place a pet alert decal near the entrances to your home so that emergency workers can remove pets as quickly and safely as possible.

    As a pet owner whose dogs are like her children, I now feel passionately about making sure that other pet owners not only protect their home with working smoke and CO detectors, but understand the benefits of professionally monitored systems so there is always a call for help. It’s a smart decision for you and your pets that rely on you to keep them protected!

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    Kristin Milner

    Kristin Milner

    Kristin has been with ADS since 2009. She loves the tv show "Nashville", Jeni's Ice Cream, the outdoors, and Fleetwood Mac. Kristin now resides with her husband, son, and three dogs in Seattle, WA.

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