Protect Your Favorite Tools and Toys This Spring

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    Protect Your Favorite Tools and Toys This Spring

    Protect Your Favorite Tools and Toys This Spring
    • 11 May 2016
    • Author: Lauren Conger
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    Spring is here (finally)! That means I'm busting out my kayak, my neighbors are getting out their lawn mowers, we are all living that porch life again and it is glorious. Maybe you went into your garage to get out that old croquet set for the first time this year. Perhaps you opened your shed to find your gardening tools and spruce up your landscaping. Whatever you love doing outside, you probably have valuable tools (mowers, landscaping equipment) and recreational equipment (bikes, kayaks, small pools, yard games, etc.) stored in your sheds and garages that are at risk of being stolen. 

    It's an easier time of year for thieves to quickly enter an unlocked shed or garage and take something. Maybe you ran out for a few minutes to grab more potting soil so you didn't even think about locking back up. More people are out biking when the weather is nice and your bike can be easily stolen if not properly secured.

    Here's a few quick tips to help keep your outdoor tools and toys safe in your sheds and garages this season:

    Exterior Lighting. It's not just for your house, or for the front of your property. It's a great idea to make sure that you have motion sensitive lights around the entire permitter of your property and on each building - including detached garages, sheds, barns and shops. 

    Locks, Locks, Locks.  Make sure you lock up your sheds and garages when you are not using them - don't leave them unlocked and unattended even for a few minutes. If you have a shed that doesn't lock, be sure to have individual u-locks for the most valuable items including bikes and lawn mowers. Be sure to always lock up your bike wherever you are. 

    Don't Help Out The Bad Guys. Don't leave the key in your riding mower, golf cart, or four wheeler. Don't leave the side door to your garage open. If you do happen to get a fun new toy this year, don't leave the box out by the curb announcing to burglars what they'll be able to find if they break in. 

    Expand Your Security System.  If your shed or garage is in close enough range to your keypad, you can add motion sensors, glass breaks, security cameras and electronic door locks without needing an extra keypad.  

    I hope you all have as much fun enjoying the great outdoors this season as I do. Stay safe and keep your prized items safe so you can have a great spring and summer. 

    Did I miss any great tips? Share them in the comments below. 

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    Lauren Conger

    Lauren Conger

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