Preparing Your Home For The Zombie Apocalypse

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    Preparing Your Home For The Zombie Apocalypse

    Preparing Your Home For The Zombie Apocalypse
    • 26 October 2015
    • Author: Lauren Conger
    • Number of views: 2535

    There are many dangers lurking about these days - you just can’t be too careful. Sure, there are the obvious threats like fire and burglary, but you need to be prepared for everything—even the zombie apocalypse. As it turns out, if you’ve taken the steps to safeguard your home against burglars, you’re already a step ahead of the zombies and you are helping to ensure the survival of the human race. 

    Zombies are slow and kind of clumsy, but those un-dead can be persistent! Follow this checklist to make sure the exterior of your home is protected against burglars and zombies alike.

    • Make sure the phone lines outside your home are not accessible and cannot be easily cut. In the event of an actual zombie apocalypse the phone lines will probably be down anyway, but it’s always good to check just in case. If you are reading this blog post pre-zombie war, then checking and securing your exterior phone line means burglars can’t cut them either. 

    • Look for areas of access to upper floors like fire escapes, ladders, decks and tall trees. The zombies are a rather awkward moving species. It would certainly take them time to climb, but since they don’t require eating and sleeping, they have time to find a way into your home. Leaving ladders in your yard and not trimming your trees can be an open invitation to both zombies and burglars. 

    • Ensure shrubs and foliage are not blocking windows or doors. Sure, the shrubs blocking the window may slow down a zombie, but it’s not going to keep them out forever. Shrubs could also hinder your escape should you need to make one. Not to mention, if you can’t see what the zombies are doing, it will be difficult to be prepared and plan your next move. The strongest offense is a good defense and shrubbery just cannot be trusted long-term.

    Verify your home has sufficient exterior lighting. Motion sensor lights alert you to zombie or burglar movements around your home. Good exterior lighting also allows other human race survivors to see zombies near your home and alert you to danger if need be. We need to all look out for each other in our apocalyptic society. Turn on some lights and help your neighbors help you. 

    Look to see if your garage door emergency handle is accessible from the outside. If it is, take extra precautions. If you can open it from the outside, zombies and burglars can as well. The security issues that arise from an exterior entry handle make the garage a poor choice for hiding from the zombies. Let’s be honest, your garage is the first place the zombies will look for you and anything else that could help them enter your home. 

    Arm your security system. I’ve never met a zombie, but I would assume that an alarm going off would be a pretty big deterrent. Having an alarm system can scare off zombies, alert you, alert authorities and alert your neighbors that something is amiss. If you trust your ADS Security system to protect you from burglars, why not trust it to protect you from zombies too? 

    While these zombie tips are fun for Halloween, we don’t foresee an actual zombie outbreak happening anytime soon. So stay safe and use these tips to protect your home from the threat of burglary, until the undead takeover.

    *ADS does not actually offer zombie protection services. 

    Lauren Conger

    Lauren Conger

    Lauren is the Associate Marketing Manager at ADS. She loves her job because she can be creative and work alongside wonderful people. She always appreciates awesome alliterations and dad jokes. Lauren loves Nebraska Football, traveling, chili cheese fries, and her dog Ginger.

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