Learn How Home Automation Can Save Your Life

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    Learn How Home Automation Can Save Your Life

    Learn How Home Automation Can Save Your Life
    • 27 May 2015
    • Author: Brian McGuire
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    Home automation is neat, it is high-tech, and yes, it is convenient. However, home automation is more than just a system of fancy gadgets. It can be an important part of a family's home life safety plan that has potential to save lives. Home automation can also be used to save energy and money too (but we will get to that in another upcoming energy management blog).

    Have you ever left home and wondered if you turned off your coffee pot, hair straightener, clothes iron, Christmas tree lights, lava lamp, or other heat producing and potential fire causing appliances? Fear no more. Security systems with integrated home automation capabilities have a solution to these common concerns. 

    Imagine having the ability to check to see if these appliances are turned off from your smartphone, tablet or computer while you are away from home. Or better yet, these systems can automatically turn off appliances when the system recognizes that you are leaving home. For instance, a modern security system (when turned on) can tell all of the "connected" appliances in your home that you are leaving and to cut off power to these devices. What do you think, cool gadgets or life safety? Actually, both!

    Other life saving devices that consumers have chosen to install for many years now on monitored security systems are smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. Security systems with integrated home automation devices can now be connected to these detectors and can run "life safety schedules" when they detect smoke, heat, or leaking gas. For example, when an automation system detects any of these threats in a home it can automatically:

    1. Turn on any "connected" lighting in the home to light a path out of the house
    2. Shut off the HVAC system to prevent the spreading of gases or smoke
    3. Unlock any connected door locks to allow medical or firefighting teams easy access into a home

    Is home automation cool? Yes, most definitely. Can a security system with integrated home automation devices save lives? It can definitely speed up the notification and awareness of a potential hazard, aid and assist in the exit out of a home by family members, and can expedite medical and firefighting teams entry into a home to help save lives.

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    Brian McGuire

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