Home Security: How to Stay Safe From the Outside In

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    Home Security: How to Stay Safe From the Outside In

    Home Security: How to Stay Safe From the Outside In
    • 29 April 2015
    • Author: Tom Szell
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    We all know having a home security system allows you to have the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe in the event of a burglary. Today’s home security systems provide not only life safety when you need it, but also many additional devices and services that help make your world just a little easier like automated lights, locks and thermostats. 

    But have you ever thought about what security measures you can implement that will keep those burglars away from your home before they even think of entering?  Well, here are 10 tips that are simple to implement and are proven deterrents to keeping the bad guy away from your neighborhood.

    1. Outside Lighting.  Flood lights and driveway lights are simple to install and are available at every hardware store. This is your first line of defense. No bad guy wants to break-in to a well-lit home. 
    2. Clear all entrances. Trim trees and shrubs around your home. You don’t want to provide a convenient place for burglars to hide! 
    3. Bring in trash cans. Don’t leave them on the curb for any period of time if you can. If you are away from home, ask your neighbor to bring them in for you. 
    4. Neighborhood watch. While you’re at it, make friends with your neighbors! They will look out for you when you’re gone and you can do the same for them.  
    5. Think like a burglar. Ask yourself this simple question….”If I were a burglar, where would I break into my home?” You may be surprised at your answer. If it’s the back patio door, then this is the first place to bulk up your security. Install heavy deadbolts or a simple blocking device. Make sure the door is of steel wrapped construction. And, don’t forget to keep them locked!
    6. Don’t leave a ladder on the outside of the house. This is a tempting opportunity for any would be criminal to enter your home from the second story. Store the ladder in your garage, basement or locked tool shed. 
    7. Invest in smart landscaping. Buy several bags of gravel from your neighborhood hardware or landscape store.  Spread the gravel in the beds below your windows. No criminal wants to break-in if they are detected by making too much noise. 
    8. Keep the keypad hidden. Make sure your security system keypad is not installed in plain view if looking through a window. A burglar may see that your system is disarmed.
    9. Smart lights and appliances. Consider installing home automation for lights and appliances and program them to turn on while you are away. 
    10. Don't over share! We all love social media, but make sure you don’t publicize where you are going on vacation this week or next month - or ever. This is an open invitation for a break-in.
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    Tom Szell

    Tom Szell

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