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    Grill Master Safety

    Grill Master Safety
    • 27 July 2015
    • Author: Alan Helms
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    Summer is in full force and the temperature seems to be reaching over 90 degrees every day. This is a sign it’s time to fire up the grill and take the food and fun outside. The family grill will become the focal point of many backyard parties this summer. Most families have a grill master who serves up the best hot dogs and hamburgers in the neighborhood. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 8,800 house fires are started because of grilling accidents. Make sure your family stays safe this summer by paying attention to these five tips for the self-proclaimed grill masters.

    Placement of the grill

    • Place your grill away from any structures, overhangs, and eaves. 
    • Keep the grill away from children and pet play areas.   

    A clean grill

    • Use a wire brush to remove any grease build up. 
    • Use a wet rag to wipe off loose debris after using a wire brush. 
    • Remove grease from the catch-all tray below the grill.

    Be prepared for anything 

    • Have a fire extinguisher located close to the grill. 
    • A box of baking soda can be used to extinguish grease flare-ups.

    Properly lighting your grill 

    • Lighter fluid is a popular choice for charcoal users for starting their grills, but should be used sparingly. 
    • Keep the lighter fluid away from children and other heat sources. 
    • Never add lighter fluid to an already-lit grill.
    • Always test the tank hoses on a gas grill for gas leaks. Use soapy water on the tank hoses before lighting your gas grill. If the soapy water bubbles or you smell gas, turn off your tank immediately.

    The Grill Master is always in control 

    • Once you are the Grill Master never leave your grill unattended. 
    • Do not get distracted while you are in charge of the grill. 
    • Do not cook more items than you or the grill can handle at one time. 
    • Have a plan for a fire before you start your grill. 
    • Make sure your charcoal is completely cooled before disposing used coals and ash in a trash bin.
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    Alan Helms

    Alan Helms

    Alan is the VP/GM in the North Alabama area for ADS Security. He enjoys working in an industry where people are passionate about keeping families and businesses safe. Alan and his wife live in Huntsville, AL. He loves doing CrossFit to stay active and spending time with his family.

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