Customer Spotlight: Hixson Transmission, Chattanooga

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    Customer Spotlight: Hixson Transmission, Chattanooga

    Getting out of the office and out into our communities to meet our customers and hear their stories is one of my favorite parts of my job. It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day shuffle of what needs to be done. Getting to spend time with our customers is such a great reminder of why every employee of ADS works as hard as they do - to provide peace of mind, comfort and a quick response to real people with real stories throughout the Southeast. 

    On this particular outing, my teammate Sarah and I traveled a few hours east to meet Chuck Miller at his business, Hixson Transmission in Chattanooga, TN. Chuck is incredibly kind and he's been a customer of ADS for many years. ADS provides protection for his home and his multiple business locations. Chuck was clear and succinct and you could tell he appreciated that ADS fit the needs of his company and his lifestyle. While we were there we found out that the location we filmed at was going to be getting a video surveillance system installed soon as well. 

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    Lauren Conger

    Lauren Conger

    Lauren is the Associate Marketing Manager at ADS. She loves her job because she can be creative and work alongside wonderful people. She always appreciates awesome alliterations and dad jokes. Lauren loves Nebraska Football, traveling, chili cheese fries, and her dog Ginger.

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