All Treats, No Tricks Halloween Safety

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    All Treats, No Tricks Halloween Safety

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    All Treats, No Tricks Halloween Safety
    • 5 October 2017
    • Author: Cop Connie
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    Happy Halloween! As you start to plan your costumes and carve your pumpkins, here are a few safety tips for drivers, kids, and parents to keep in mind.


    Drivers making their way out on Halloween evening should be extra vigilant. According to Safe Kids USA, a child is twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year.

    • Obey all traffic regulations.
    • Drive with your vehicle lights on, even before dusk.  Day or night, driving with your lights on makes your vehicle more visible.
    • Check your side and rear view mirrors for children that may be in your blind spot.
    • Go slow, especially in neighborhoods. 
    • Use your hazard lights when dropping off or picking up trick-or-treaters. 
    • Stop and look both ways at all crosswalks.
    • Be especially careful when coming out of driveways and alleys. 


    Before you take your kids our for their candy collection, here are a few safety reminders: 

    • Always carry a flashlight so you can see where you are walking.
    • Trick-or-treat in pairs or groups. Use the buddy system.
    • Be aware of yard ornaments and extension cords that could be tripping hazards.
    • Do not, under any circumstance, go inside anyone's home to get treats.
    • Use the driveway to approach and leave a home before and after receiving treats.
    • Do not accept any treat that has been opened.


    Parents, please discuss safety with your little ghouls and goblins before you send them out on Halloween evening.

    • Put your kids in light-colored costumes so they are more visible to motorists.
    • If possible, accompany small children.
    • Make sure your child's costume is safe. Does it fit properly? Is there anything they can trip on? Is the costume flame retardant? If your child is wearing a mask, can they see? 
    • If you are driving or accompanying your small ones, keep them in sight at all times.
    • If your child is old enough to be out without a chaperone - you can use the "Share my Location" feature on your iPhone, another GPS tracking app, or wearable GPS trackers to keep an eye on their whereabouts.
    • If you suspect any foul or suspicious activity, immediately call the police.
    • Parents should examine all treats before allowing their children to consume them. Throw away candies that have:
    • Unusual appearance or discoloration
    • Tiny pinholes or tears in wrapper
    • Unwrapped items
    • Homemade items (unless you know the person who gave them to you and trust them)
    • Remove any choking hazards like gum and hard candies from young children

    Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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