ADS customer talks about her home break-in

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    ADS customer talks about her home break-in

    ADS customer talks about her home break-in
    • 11 March 2015
    • Author: Kristin Milner
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    Working in the business of life safety and security means that protecting the people in our communities and the things that they treasure most is always a priority. However, when you get the chance to hear a mother share how our monitoring center helped her and her children get their belongings back with the help of local authorities, it reminds you of the impact our business has on people's lives.

    On January 16, 2015, ADS-Nashville customer Jennifer Edwards received a phone call from our monitoring center telling her that a burglar alarm had been triggered at her home and asking her if everyone was okay. Edwards' instant reply was, "No, nobody is at my house right now. Send the police."

    Thanks to the prompt response of both our monitoring center and the local police (and their canine unit - a special nod to these awesome pups), the burglar was caught a short time later and not only was the Edwards family able to get their belongings back, but so were several other families in the neighborhood whose homes had also been burglarized.

    I got the chance to meet Jennifer and her two sons when they joined us recently at a company event. Jennifer spoke to our team about what it means to her to be protected by ADS and to know that there will be a prompt response when one is most needed.

    "She should know she changed somebody's life," said Jennifer when asked about the ADS operator who handled her call. "And not just mine but the people in my neighborhood who were never going to get their stuff back, and they got their stuff back because she was prompt...I need her to know that."

    It's never a comfortable experience to hear that a customer's home has been broken into, but to get the chance to hear Jennifer speak about the impact that our company's response had on her life and those in her community was an opportunity that I won't soon forget. I'm proud to work for a company that is passionate about providing a level of service that keeps customers safe and converts them into raving fans.

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    Kristin Milner

    Kristin Milner

    Kristin has been with ADS since 2009. She loves the tv show "Nashville", Jeni's Ice Cream, the outdoors, and Fleetwood Mac. Kristin now resides with her husband, son, and three dogs in Seattle, WA.

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