ADS Customer QRM Talks About their SecureDoor Managed Access System

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    ADS Customer QRM Talks About their SecureDoor Managed Access System

    ADS Security customer, Quality Resource Management (QRM), of White House, Tennessee, recently sat down with ADS to talk about the benefits of their SecureDoor® Managed Access Control system and how it has improved productivity for their business.

    "I would absolutely recommend their service, their equipment and their level of professionalism," said Ben DePriest of QRM.

    SecureDoor® is a complete managed access control system that gives the business full control over who accesses which areas and when in their facility. The best part is that ADS manages your access control system for you - everything from changing schedules, to deactivating or activating a card last minute, and more to help lighten your work load.

    "With close to 60 employees it become a hassle to manage the people in and out. We did not have the capability to pull any kind of reporting," said Ben DePriest of QRM.

    "Now, if an employee can't get in, what we do is we make a call to ADS at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock at night...we give them our pass code and the door opens, said John Chisari of QRM. "Everyone at ADS has just been bending over backwards to help us."
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    Kristin Milner

    Kristin Milner

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