A Veteran's Story: Moving Beyond PTSD

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    A Veteran’s Story: Moving Beyond PTSD

    A Veteran’s Story: Moving Beyond PTSD
    • 10 November 2015
    • Author: John Dale
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    You've probably heard of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, specifically as it relates to our military members that have experienced combat.

    A new term that is gaining popularity is "Post-traumatic Growth".

    Combat is purposeful violent conflict and for those who are involved, it usually leaves a deep impression on their soul. Some of our military members face situations that are terrifying, horrible, unjust and evil. Death and injury, or the imminent threat of it, not only to them and their team, but the local population and even the enemy, leave behind invisible wounds in those that experience it. These are consequences of war.

    I'm not debating whether war is right or not; just stating it exists, human beings (not just numbers on a spreadsheet) are directly involved, and there are lasting effects, not only to the individual but their family as well.

    As someone who's experienced this first hand, it's easy to get stuck in a place of "I'm broken, so broken in fact that I'll never be accepted by my family and friends, so what's the point?". The difficult part for me to see was that staying in that place for too long was destructive not only to me, but also my family. The despair was so heavy at times it seemed there was no way out.

    I've been on a journey since 2005 to recover from combat and go on to live a fruitful life. I'm still seeking healing for deep wounds in myself and ones I've caused in my family.

    The truth is we can't stay in that dark place. We can't stay in the "disorder".

    Continuing to move forward and seek healing, even though it's really hard, is called growth. Military members and their families that are on a similar journey as mine, are seeking to make a lasting positive change after combat. Over 600 people have completed the REBOOT Combat Trauma Healing Course so far and I would bet they'd all say that growth is possible. 

    REBOOT Combat Recovery is about "Post-traumatic Growth". We don't promise that all the symptoms will go away, but we do promise that a person can live a life of joy and purpose despite them.

    ADS Security is a proud supporter of REBOOT Combat Recovery and veterans at home and abroad - thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

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    John Dale

    John Dale

    John is the Operations Director for REBOOT Combat Recovery and was previously supervisor at the Dept. of Homeland Security. His passion to help others heal from combat comes from the hope he's found in his own recovery. John served 8 years in the Army National Guard and is an Iraq War Veteran.

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