A Family Fire Escape Plan: Things You Need to Know

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    A Family Fire Escape Plan: Things You Need to Know

    A Family Fire Escape Plan: Things You Need to Know
    • 12 May 2015
    • Author: Tom Szell
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    No one ever wants to experience a fire at their home. The thought of damage to your home, losing things of sentimental value, or at the very worst, the loss of life can be horrifying. Take the time to put an organized fire escape plan in place should this dreadful event occur. Implementing an effective plan could save lives.

    When a fire occurs, smoke and heat develop very quickly with smoke inhalation being the most common cause of death from a fire. It is toxic, deadly and perhaps above all, disorienting. You will want to know how you and your family will exit your home and meet at a designated area outside. 

    If a fire breaks out, do not attempt to leave until you feel safe enough to exit a room. Press your hand against the closed door to feel the temperature. If it is too hot, please a towel or blanket at the bottom of the door to inhibit the entry of smoke into the room. Open a window and exit to the outside. As part of your fire escape plan, you should have collapsible ladders in each family members room that can be purchased at a local hardware store. 

    If you feel it is safe to exit the room through a door, stay low and crawl to the nearest exit. Smoke and heat rise and will suck up available oxygen. Time is of the essence. Do not attempt to take belongings or other items with you. The priority is to exit safely. 

    Once you are safely out of the house, go to the area you have designated as a meeting place and make sure all family members are accounted for. 

    Of course having a life safety system that includes smoke and heat detectors, as well as carbon monoxide detectors, is the first and most important step to take in protecting your family from fire. Make sure you contact a reputable alarm installation company that will monitor your home and assist in the design of the system. 

    Also consider an “automated fire escape plan” tailored specifically for your family. As soon as a fire is detected, fire detection devices will sound and automatically send a signal to the monitoring center who will dispatch the fire department. The automated fire system will turn off your HVAC system so that air will stop flowing as to not fuel the fire. It will also turn on lights to brighten a path to the exit and unlock doors for a safer and quicker exit for you and your family. 

    Having a fire escape plan is important. Download the Fire Safety Plan below to start working on your fire safety plan today. Be sure to include two exits from each room!

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