8 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Leaving Town

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    8 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Leaving Town

    8 Ways to Protect Your Home Before Leaving Town
    • 21 December 2015
    • Author: Nick Walden
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    At this time of year, many are traveling to visit family for the holidays and some may be fortunate enough to be getting away on a vacation. There can be so much to remember and organize that we end up forgetting some really important things that we need to do before we go. 

    And that is where Murphy’s Law comes into play. If something is going to go wrong, it will do so at the most inopportune time - when you are supposed to be relaxing and visiting with friends and family. You can however, take a number of steps to make your home less of a target while you are away, and this can give the peace of mind that you need. Here are a few tips to use that will help get you on a stress-free trip:

    1. Make sure that you arm your home security system and notify your monitoring center. Remember to let the monitoring center know that you will be out of town; this information is extremely valuable if they get an alarm signal from you home while you are away, and of course arm the burglar alarm before you go.
    2. Don’t advertise on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites of your upcoming tripMany people will post information about their travel plans; all this does is let potential burglars know when it is safe to visit your home!
    3. Have your mail held at the post office. You can go to the post office in person or online and have your mail held until you get back – this way your mail box doesn’t let everyone know that you are away.
    4. Automate your lighting so that it looks like you are home. There are easy ways to automate your lighting in your home, this can make your home look lived in and can be automated through your home security system as long as your system has home automation services installed.
    5. Lock and secure the garage. Make sure that you disengage the garage door opener by pulling on the cord next to your garage door opener. Make sure that you also lock the door that goes from your garage into your home.
    6. Hide away any valuables. Make sure that you lock away any valuables in your home while you are away; this includes unused checkbooks, passports, birth certificates and jewelry.
    7. Make sure that your yard is mowed and landscaping is up to date. If your home landscaping is up to date before you go out of town it will lessen the chance of a burglar thinking you are not home. 
    8. Bring your hidden spare key into the home. Be sure to move your spare key from under the plant pot to a safe place in your home, there is no point in making it easy for the bad guy.
    Have any additional suggestions to protect your home while you are away? I'd love to here them so please leave a comment below!
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    Nick Walden

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