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We understand the value of the team and the business you have built

      Learn how your company fits into the future of ADS

        ADS is a leading independent security company. We service thousands of residential and commercial customers and operate 22 branch locations that support many markets throughout the Southeast. A large part of our success has been through the acquisition of a significant number of security companies, many of which have laid the foundation for the markets that we serve today.

        There are several ways that owners choose to sell their business to ADS. Some decide to depart after the sale, but more often they choose to stay. We understand the value in the team and the business you have built, and we aim to maintain your company's local presence and the familiar faces that your customers have grown comfortable with over the years.

        ADS is expanding our presence throughout the Southeast. Whether or not now is the right time for you to sell, we find that it can still be beneficial for you to meet with us to simply learn the proper steps to prepare your business for when the time is right.



        To schedule an appointment with a member of our acquisition team, please contact Paul Dyson at 615.347.8179 or

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